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Time for the Toning Ball

There is fitness work that you can do with a 2-4 lb. toning ball. Do you have one in your gear or at the gym? Might as well include some moves in your daily routine. Have a ball!

Here are 3 Moves to Try

1. Squat Row

Stand holding the ball overhead with your feet hip-width apart.
Slowly squat – then pull the ball to the left hip while drawing your elbow up. Hold for 2 beats.
Return to the overhead hold and repeat on the right side.
This works the legs, back, abs and shoulders.

2.Ball Push-ups

In push-up position, place the ball under the right hand.
Hold your core tight with square hips and lower into a push-up position.
Roll the ball to the left hand and do your push-up again.
Work for an even 8, 10, or 12 push-ups.
This works the chest, core, and arms.

3.Wood Chop

Hold the ball with both hands at your chest with your feet together.
Leap to the right and land on your right foot with the left toe tapping down in back as you bring the ball up and right.
Leap to the left, landing on the left foot while bringing the ball down and left. Repeat.
This works the chest, back, arms, core, and legs.

These moves will help you tone and add a twist to your workout routine!



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