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Struggling with your diet?

Here is a simple food substitution plan. This is a list of foods from healthiest to unhealthiest. To lose weight, try swapping the foods you eat that are lower on the list, for similar foods that are higher on the list. The more you eat toward the top, the more you’ll increase your chances of losing weight.

A good friend of mine actually lost 100 pounds using this list…seriously! He carried it around with him as a reference tool. I used it to help me lose 45 lbs! Pin it on your fridge!

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4 Reasons to get My Free No-Brainer Food Guide


1. Take the Guess Work Out of Healthy Eating

No one has time to spend all day googling healthy food options – especially not when you’re standing in the middle of the grocery aisle. I’ll show you how to spot good food choices in a jiffy so you can get on with your busy schedule! It’s perfect for busy people who are on the-go when food options may be limited.

2. Discover Fat Burning Foods That Actually Taste Good

No one cares if something is super healthy and good for you. If it tastes awful, you won’t stick with it. And no one would blame you! With this guide you will be introduced to tons of tasty options that will have you rocking those skinny jeans in no time!

3. Learn the Secret of the “Better Bad Choice”

My #1 secret is losing and keeping off 45 pounds was learning how to make the ‘better bad choice’. Family gatherings, sporting events, holidays when healthy food is nowhere to be found – rest easy that you won’t blow your nutrition plan.

4. Get our “Fit Life Tips” as a Bonus Gift

Each week we cover topics that produce results like:

  • How to eat healthy when you have no time.
  • Simple recipes on a tight budget.
  • How to start a fitness routine when you lack motivation.
  • How to take the confusion out of weight loss.
  • Are your friends keeping you fat? The importance of quality support systems.









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