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How My Free Coaching Works

Here’s what I know about why failure occurs:

  1. Your willpower is limited. A lot. So unless you’re smart about setting up a plan, you will burn out.
  2. Accountability is important, but more so for those that don’t inherently love health and fitness.
  3. Many things work in fitness and nutrition. There is no one gold standard.
  4. Burnout is real. Plateaus are inevitable. And if you expect yourself to make progress each week or month on the scale, you will quit prematurely right before the results show up.
  5. Your expectations kill you. Compare someone that goes on a program for 3 months vs. 9 months and the person at 9 months will ALWAYS see more success. This makes sense. The problem? Most people never make it to 9 months. They quit prematurely and follow their focused approach with unfocused frustration that takes them back to square 1.

This is what we know.

What needs to be solved:

How to take these factors into account to build a system that will allow you to achieve. Yes, a good workout plan is important. Same goes for nutrition. Ideally, it should all be personalized.

Beyond that it becomes murky. Everyone wants to feel and look better. The “you’re just lazy” excuse is a lot of BS. It’s not laziness.

The process is hard and it breaks people.


Why I’m Going to Coach You for Free!

  1. I’ve been in your shoes.
  2. I love helping people.
  3. Nothing frustrates me more than your frustration of not being in control of your body.

From women trying to lose baby weight to men and women building lean muscle mass and becoming functionally fit, I’m personally invested in seeing you succeed.

It’s why I promote online coaching. Because I want people coming to me when they know I can help them.

I’m going to coach you for free for the one factor that is always correlated with results: CONSISTENCY.

I’ve found that significant, sustainable results happen at two critical junctures: 6 months and 12 months.

Habits can be formed in 21 days, but bodies don’t change that fast.

Strength will be gained in a few months. Pounds will be lost in weeks. But visible changes? The one’s that make you go, “OMG I look good” takes months. Many months. And I want everyone to have an amazing transformation.

The Catch…You Decide to Make Two Commitments

First, I can’t take on an unlimited number of clients. I have limited space for clients, so it’s first come, first served.

I don’t want excuse makers. You have to work hard. Six months is a commitment. Twelve months is an even bigger commitment, but if you want to transform your body and have personalized coaching for guidance and support…then I’m waiting to help you figure it all out.

Second, you invest in yourself by purchasing either a premium membership to our online fitness club, one of our fitness programs or one of our challenge packs. In any case, my coaching is free.

Your initial investment will be from $0 to about $300 depending on your chosen program. Yes, I make a commission when you make a purchase from me.

My Commitment to You

You interact with me throughout. I will be available to answer your questions on a 24-48 hour basis to answer every day questions, such as helping you troubleshoot exercise alternatives or answer basic nutrition questions. What’s more? You also have other coaches on my team available to answer your questions through my challenge group.

More accountability means more results.

  • Personalized Fitness Plan Based On Health Consultation
  • Personalized Diet and Meal Plans
  • Initial Diet Review and Video Call
  • Phone App to track your workouts for daily accountability, get support and track your progress to reach your goals.
  • Weekly Updates and Check-ins
  • 24-48 Hour Response Time To All Messages
  • Ask Me Anything Monthly Video Meeting

My free coaching means you always have someone on-call to help with your needs.

Not sure what to eat a restaurant? Reach out.

Confused about something you read? Reach out.

Want to know if you should take a supplement? You get the idea.

This is a concierge service. Nothing automated. Everything personalized. And real people—led by me—here to help each and every week.

Again, with my free coaching I’m rewarding your behaviors (consistency) that ensure you won’t quit prematurely and miss out on results. If you decide to commit and see your goals through to the end.
















Coaching Designed For Real Life – Should You Apply?

Try Risk-Free for 30 days.

Anyone that works with me for online coaching gets the first month risk-free (and in some cases, depending on the program you choose, may be extended to 3 months). I never want anyone to be stuck in a plan that doesn’t feel right. So if my style of coaching doesn’t work for you or your chosen program, then no worries.  Your money will be refunded, and I’ll wish you the best.


Here’s the reality:

You’ll pay less for online coaching that you will for 1-on-1 training.

For example, if you invest in one of our $140 Shakeology Challenge Packs you get:

Fitness Program + Superfood Nutrition + Support = Success

That’s the cost of just two in-person sessions with a decent trainer. You get that every day for an entire month.

  • Expert celebrity trainer
  • Expert nutrition plan
  • Nutrient dense Superfood shake
  • All-access support and help
  • 30-90 day access to the On Demand Library (depending on challenge pack option)
  • Ability to stream your workouts wherever you have internet access

Not to mention an entire proven workout platform (with exercise demos including modifications for all fitness levels) and everything you need to succeed.

By consistently doing 2 or more rounds of your chosen program you will move better, feel better, and look better and achieve your goals in 6 months. And you’ll accomplish even more within 12 months.

Your results are guaranteed. The first month is RISK FREE (more depending on your program). If you don’t like program, I’ll give your money back within the first 30 days.

Everything is geared to save you money. No wasted supplements or food purchases. The best fitness plans should NOT be reserved for those with the biggest bank accounts.

If you want to succeed you have to take chances in life. But I don’t want your health to feel like a chance. I want it to be a guarantee. The only thing you need to worry about it staying on track, and we’ll provide the support to get your there.

If you’d like to take advantage of this one time offer, you can SIGN UP FOR MY COACHING PROGRAM HERE.

As always, I’m waiting on the other end of the “reply” button if you have any questions.

Be The Change,


100 Percent Satisfaction