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Nonprofit Organization Program

Team Beachbody Coaching can benefit your organizations fund development efforts by empowering people to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities by sharing Beachbody proven in-home fitness, weight loss and wellness solutions!


America is in a health crisis.

Sadly, the number of unhealthy overweight/obese adults and children is growing at an alarming rate in our country. The health care cost associated with this rising trend are projected to exceed 1 trillion by 2030. There is no better time to partner with one of the most successful fitness companies in this nation. The Beachbody Nonprofit Program is a great way to raise money for your organization while helping others get fit and healthy at the same time.


What is the program?

This is an opportunity for a qualified, charitable organization (IRS designated Tax Exempt Organization) to earn money with a Team Beachbody® Coach business. Qualified organizations can sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach—free of sign-up and business-services fees—and participate in the same income-earning opportunities (i.e., retail, team bonus cycle bonuses, etc.).


How Does the Beachbody Business Work for Non-profit Organizations?

  • You must be a bona fide nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Your organization earns 25% commission on all retail sales and 50% on all Team Beachbody Club memberships.

  • You can assign someone in your organization to manage your Beachbody fundraising.

  • All startup costs and monthly Coach Business Services fees are waived.

  • Direct fundraiser participants to your Beachbody Coach website (or product URL) where they can order fitness programs, Team Beachbody Club/Beachbody On Demand membership, nutritionals, wellness programs, or fitness accessories.

  • Team Beachbody handles all product inventory, billing, shipping, and customer service.

  • Beachbody pays out weekly so no waiting for earnings.


How does the nonprofit organization make money?

There are three ways.

  1. The organization can send customers directly to their Team Beachbody Web site to order products (or product URL). This method almost guarantees active status for the organization, should they desire it.

  2. The organization can enroll other Coaches and build a Team from which they may earn team cycle bonus payments.

  3. The organization can purchase products at a 25% discount and then turn around and sell them at the established retail price.

Who are the commission checks made out to?

Weekly checks are made out to the charitable organization. The organization can also choose a direct deposit option (EFT—Electronic Funds Transfer), and their weekly checks will be electronically transferred into their account.

Does the organization need to maintain active status?

It is not necessary to maintain monthly active status, unless the organization chooses to participate in the team cycle bonus.




From free mobile & web apps to specific fitness, health & wellness tools & resources I’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to make healthy changes within your organization and your community, I’m committed to you! – Coach Kevin Rack






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How does a nonprofit organization set up their Coach Business Center?

  1. The organization must submit an Independent Coach Application (online enrollment is not recommended for this process), the Business Entity Application along with proof of non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service (either providing a ruling letter, letter of determination or other applicable document).

  2. Appoint a Business Administrator. Each nonprofit organization must appoint an adult (18 years of age or older) to be the account administrator responsible for the organization’s Coach Business Center (credit card, Web site administration, account updates, etc.). This administrator will need to answer or redirect customer questions. NOTE: The administrator cannot have his or her own Coach business.

  3. After the forms are received, Non-profit sign-ups are processed within 3 business days so long as the documents are complete and legible (including EIN, e-mail address, signature, sponsor information, and CC information (if purchasing product).


Administrative forms needed:
A Nonprofit Coach Application
Business Entity Application
Proof of 501(c) Status (IRS Ruling Letter of IRS Letter of Determination)



How to submit to Coach Relations:
Fax: 1 (310) 453-3639


Note: please forward a copy of your forms to me so that I can follow up with coach relations:



What additional documentation can be provided if the applicant is not the original organization but a child organization under the original organization?

Additional Documentation for Affiliate Organizations:
A letter from the original organization that holds the non-profit status would need to be provided to authenticate the relationship between the parent organization and the affiliate organization.

The letter would be evaluated by our Compliance Team to determine if the affiliate organization qualifies as a Non-Profit organization and whether the Business Service Fees can be waived.



How can the nonprofit administrator be changed on a Coach Business Center?

The new administrator must substantiate their role with the organization by submitting either a statement of officers or other official document from the organization verifying their affiliation.

How can the Upline Coach help the nonprofit organization?

  • The Upline Coach can do many things to help the charitable organization start and maintain a healthy business.

  • If the administrator for the organization needs additional support to field calls/emails, the upline Coach could forward all emails to their own address. This way, the organization will not have to answer product-related questions or train new Coaches.

  • The Upline Coach can also hold meetings with the organization to discuss future fund development/fundraisers and other ways to increase the organization’s profits.

  • Upline Coaches can help recruit Coaches on each of the organization’s legs to help build Team Volume and create residual income for the organization.


Can the organization have Coaches placed under it?

Newly enrolled Coaches may be placed beneath the nonprofit Coach, either as a result of the nonprofit organization personally sponsoring the new Coach or as a result of upline Coaches placing other new Coaches in the genealogy.

Can the organization personally sponsor Coaches?

Yes. If someone wants to sign up as a Coach under the organization, they can.

Can the organization get customer leads?

Yes, if the organization meets all of the lead qualifications explained in the Team Beachbody Coach Policies and Procedures and has an administrator, Upline or Downline, willing to service the customer.